As a multi-platform, multi-cultural artist, I see the bigger picture. 

I am a Graphic Designer, photographer, and videographer.  Born and raised in Chile, I moved to the United States when I was 17 and ended up here in Minneapolis, MN.  I am crazy in love with my wife, Leah, who inspires me and points me to my ultimate inspiration: the grace of God through Jesus. 

My Team



I am the Manager of Marketing and Communications at a unique and local private school, a proud Chilean, and lover of homemade bread.

leah y lena-1384.jpg

Leah Elizabeth

Leah, my dear wife is a part time ESL teacher and full-time mom who loves creating (art, food, stories, etc.).


Magdalena sofia

Lena is our first baby girl (even though she is 15 months old) who enjoys sweet potatoes and avocados, and recently learned to say a few Spanish words like "mas" and "papá"